A small little backyard landscape project that we did. Ended up coming out really nice with simplicity. Concrete stepping pads for added character rather than just one gray broom finish concrete slab and a small spot of grass for the doggie of the house to do his business… 🙂 Check out the link below:

Small backyard landscape in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Small Backyard Landscape



We recently created a video page that will be linked out to the new videos we have put together for your entertainment about our work. Check it out at the link below and watch a few videos :)… There’s a few videos of waterfalls and water features up there now.




We created this website as resourceful repository or “idea book” if you will of pictures and images of our Landscaping work that takes place in Las Vegas Nevada. We wanted it to be an idea book for our clients and website visitors as well so occasionally you’ll find photos of work that we actually did not do but found it worthy of being on our site to give and pass on landscaping ideas.

Click here to visit our home page where you can access all photo galleries.


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